Introduction to the Climate Expert tools

Working materials for the business community

Correctly identifying and interpreting the risks and opportunities of climate change is difficult. However, adaptation to climate change should be part of any company’s regular strategic management – by reacting to changes before they take place, businesses will become fit for the future. The tools & trainings section support companies and consultants in developing good adaptation strategies. 

Guide for industrial zones

The Guide for Adaptation in Industrial Zones provides practical information to help managers of industrial zones and their partners to assess their vulnerability to climate change, develop adaptation strategies and support companies in their adaptation efforts.


  • Target group:  Managers of industrial zones and further actors involved e.g. planners, operators, public actors, experts  
  • Duration:  analysis and series of workshops between 1 and 3 months. Participative approach is recommended.
  • Requirements: General understanding of climate change and risk management. Expert support to conduct the analysis is recommended.


  • The focus of the guide is on established industrial zones. However the methodology can also be used and adapted for the planning of new zones.
  • The guide also provides general information on the topic for public and private actors who can support industrial zones in their adaptation efforts.

Full company assessment (Excel Sheets)

The Excel Sheets can be used by consultants to conduct full company assessments with SMEs. The Sheets allow companies to fill in and analyse all relevant information for developing an adaptation strategy.


  • Target group: Consultants supporting SMEs' adaptation efforts; managers and staff of SMEs
  • Duration: approximately 2-3 days within the company 
  • Requirements: Access to key figures of the company (sales, input requirements, logistic details, etc.) 
  • Note: SMEs are encouraged to conduct the Full Company Assessment together with trained consultants. These can often be contacted via local professional associations. 

Quick company assessment

The Quick Company Assessment allows SMEs to determine whether they will be negatively affected by climate change and how well they are prepared for dealing with such risks caused by climate change.


  • Target group: Managers and staff of SMEs
  • Duration: 15-45 minutes
  • Requirements: Good knowledge of the company  

Training of consultants (currently not available online)

The Training of Consultants (ToC) addresses consultants and multipliers who support SMEs in conducting Full Company Assessments. It is based on the 4-Step Climate Expert Approach and uses carefully developed training materials, including case studies and group exercises. Additionally, the ToC provides methodological information and discusses the role of the consultant when working with SMEs. Training manuals are available to help both the trainer and consultants making the most of the trainings.


  • Target group: Business associations, chambers of commerce and other professional organisations; consultants working with SMEs; other experts who wish to engage with SMEs on climate change adaptation
  • Duration: 2-4 days
  • Requirements: General understanding of SMEs and climate change
  • Note: The ToC is designed as an in-person training. However, training material is generally self-explaining and can be used by self-learners (if training cannot be attended). 
Full company assessment (currently not available online)

The Full Company Assessment supports SMEs in identifying and prioritizing the risks and opportunities of climate change. Relevant adaptation measures are identified and selected to fit the company and its special characteristics. As a result, SMEs can develop realistic adaptation strategies. The Full Company Assessment is based on the 4-Step Climate Expert Approach. It can be conducted by the SMEs themselves or in cooperation with local consultants.


  • Target group: Managers and staff of SMEs
  • Duration: 5-8 hours
  • Requirements: Free registration
  • Note: SMEs are encouraged to go through the online adaptation course before starting the full company assessment (online version). 
ONLINE ADAPTATION COURSE (currently not available online)

The Online Adaptation Course helps SMEs understand climate change and its (positive or negative) effects on businesses. They learn how to identify risks and opportunities for their companies and develop strategies to prepare for climate change.


  • Target group: Managers and staff of SMEs
  • Duration: 2-5 hours
  • Requirements: None