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Aim and benefit

Relevance of the issue

Facing the impacts of climate change is a key challenge of this century - not only for governments and communities, but also for businesses.

The economic sector in many countries is strongly affected by climate change. While this is most obvious for the agricultural sector, severe impacts can already be observed on industry as well, be it in terms of rising prices for raw material, damages of transport routes, rising prices for energy and water, or more frequent gaps in the supply of these. SMEs are particularly vulnerable to these impacts as many rely on old machinery, have limited awareness and skills on questions of resource efficiency, and are located in areas with insufficient infrastructure. The capacities to assess, monitor, and adapt to climate change-related risks are still low.

Benefits of adapting to climate change

Adapting to climate change is crucial both for business survival and growth. Businesses which prepare for, or "adapt" to, climate change impacts, first and foremost assure their business survival in times of a changing climate. At the same time companies can make use of business opportunities resulting from a changing climate, e.g., by developing adaptation products and services for people and organisations.

Aim of the Climate Expert website

The Climate Expert website provides

  • Materials, tools and guidance
  • For SMEs and multiplier organisations
  • Aimed at raising awareness and building practical skills of  SMEs to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

For this purpose the website contains the online learning programme "Becoming a Climate Expert" for companies as well as a Toolbox with materials and further information on a related training programme.

SMEs which complete the Climate Expert online course or related training programmes will be able to answer the following questions:

Climate change and its effects on businesses

  • Why does climate change matter to SMEs and my business?
  • How does it affect my business' survival and growth?

Climate change adaptation strategies

  • How can I identify vulnerabilities resulting from climate change for my business?
  • How can I conduct a risk assessment for my business? How can I develop a strategy for climate change adaptation with key stakeholders?
  • How can I monitor and evaluate my adaptation activities?

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