Quick Company Assessment

1. Past events

Did you ever experience extreme weather events, e.g., floods, droughts, storms, which caused damage to your business? If so, please specify the damages and the point in time.

1.1 Supporting questions, not to be scored

Damages to equipment and machinery

1.2 Supporting questions, not to be scored

Impacts on resources and inventory (energy impacts, prices of resources etc.)

1.4 Supporting questions, not to be scored

Impacts on own or workers' health

2. Past events

Do you feel that these extreme weather events have increased over the past years?

3. Business categorisation

To which industry or sector does your business belong to?

4. Water dependence

Is water a necessary resource for your production process, i.e. do you need a lot of water in your production process?

5. Water reliability

Where does your company get your water from?

6. Water shortage

Does your company sometimes have water shortage? How greatly does water shortage affect your business?

7. Electrical energy dependence

Does your company need a lot of energy for your production process?

8. Fossil energy/district heating dependence

Is your company highly depending on the use of fossil energy/district heating?

9. Electrical energy reliability

Is there ever a shortage of electrical energy?

10. Production processes

How affected are your production processes to changes in weather conditions?

11. Stakeholders

How directly does your company affect surrounding communities? Have there been any energy supply or waste-related problems in the past?

12. Value chain auxiliaries/pre-products

What kind of supplies for production is your company using?

13. Value chain logistics

Does your company import supplies from outside of India or >1000 km?

14. Value chain logistics

Does your company export products?

15. Strategy

Do you think of the future when managing your business?

16. CC awareness

Do you know you climate change can affect your business?

17. CC awareness

Did you already take any action to minimize damage?

18. Customers

Would it be easy for you to produce alternative products if demanded?

19. Products

How difficult would it be to adjust the product to new needs resulting from climate change?

20. Safeguard

Are you insured against extreme weather events or have you taken any other measures to be financially safe in case of such an event?

21. Resulting benefits

Can you think of any new products or services your business can offer in reaction to changing climate / weather events?